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We are an International Design, Specialist Construction and Management company based in New Zealand

We specialise in the design and construction management of Family Entertainment centers, Commercial aquariums, Luxury Resorts, Water Parks, Botanical Gardens, Discovery Centers, new attractions and many other architecture and design solutions.

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"Galaktika" was opened to the public on 4th of November 2016.

More then 10 thousand people came on the first day; Aquarium had 3.500 visitors.

"Galaktika" is now open every day, however Aquapark, bowling and some other areas will be open only in 2 weeks.

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The official pre-opening ceremony of Galaktika Sports and Cultural center, designed by Aquamarine, was held on September 16th, 2016.

Deputy prime minister for social affairs of the Russian Federation, Olga Golodets and Governor of Khanty–Mansi Autonomous Okrug, Natalya Vladimirovna Komarova participated in the pre-opening ceremony together with LUKoil directors.

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September, 14 Mysore Aquarium

Sri Srikantadatta Narasimharaja Wodeyar Oceanarium – Mysore, Karnataka, India

We have negotiated a Lease from the Royal Palace Trustees and we are ready for Investment to be finalized.

The site will give the Zoo and Aquarium much needed parking for the visits coming from outside of Mysore.

The Site is located at the North Side of the Mysore Zoo on Lokaranjan Mahal Road by Karanji Kere Lake on 4 acres of land adjacent to the Mysore Zoo.

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September, 12 Galaktika Garden
Galaktika Botanical Garden is finally ready. Due to logistical, regulatory and other issues, Sports and Cultural complex "Galaktika" will open for public by progressive stages, with Shopping Gallery and Botanical Garden at first and Aquapark, Aquarium, Ice-rink and bowling at the end.

When "Aquamarine Projects" started "Galaktica" design we understood the importance of the garden in that remote region ("Galaktika" is built in Kogaly, city in Russia with latitude of Northern Alaska) where deciduous trees are rare and the level of oxygen is less then normal.

Galaktika gardens have subtropical trees and flowers.
The Aquapark and other Galaktika areas were tested for the first time today. It has a wavepool, a flowrider, 3 slides and a "lazy river".

The concept and design for the whole "Galaktika" system was created by Aquamarine Projects in 2012-2013. The complex will be open very soon and it has 3 special areas (Aquapark, Aquarium and Botanical Garden). It is located in Kogalym, a small city (55.000 citizens) in Western Siberia region of Russia by the oil company Lukoil.

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At Aquamarine we do it all, designing and delivering commercially effective urban entertainment centres and mixed-used complexes which create more harmonious, proud and prosperous communities.

Aquamarine was founded by Nicholas Traviss who have been working Internationally in more than 20 countries bringing large and small projects to life. They are backed by a team of international specialist designers, architects, engineers and project managers who bring their own unique set of specialised skills and experience to strengthen and build on an already impressive international portfolio. Our creative team network across the world believing quality design can transform, inspire and improve people's lives.

Aquamarine is a Group of companies that has agents in India, South Korea, Russia, Asia, Middle East, North and South America, Europe, Africa and the beautiful South Pacific Ocean, which we call home.

Nicholas Traviss the Founder of Aquamarine has been working with many international companies over the last 15 years, consulting and directing Design and Architecture with collaborative teams. This team approach has made many design presentations, proposals and onsite design management, technical design and Design supervision all successful for the Clients.

Traviss Design is a business that is a subsidiary of Aquamarine focusing on Luxury Residential Architecture in New Zealand. Please refer to the Projects.

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