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National Aquarium of
New Zealand to get proposed $45m upgrade

August, 23 2017

A bold $45 million proposed upgrade of the National Aquarium in Napier will see it expand to three times its present size. Working with Marinescape, Weta Workshop, New Zealand Poet Sam Hunt and many other contributors...we will see the rebirth of a great New Zealand Facility.

The existing aquarium building was renewed in 2002 with a team of Marinescape, Warren and Mahoney and various other subcontractors and contractors.

On the initial review of the building and management, we found that the Aquarium as a business could be potentialized to a much higher degree. The exhibits were of a very old aquarium style of display that still is done in some parts of the world. We propose a more engaging experience to inform and engage the visitors of all ages.

The new generation of Aquarium displays will allow the visitors to get an immersive experience as opposed to a windows-in-the-wall design. The immersive approach tells layers of stories within a single exhibit. These ‘layers’ use species information, environmental messages, education information, Poetry and prose and pre-european stories on the relationship of the land and the sea.

The new Napier Aquarium of New Zealand | Te Whare Tangaroa O Aotearoa, tells multiple facets and layers information. The information can be delivered through Signage, Digital displays, App’s that use QR Codes to link to a central New Zealand Education website and Augmented Reality.

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