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Aquamarine is an International Design, Specialist Construction and Management company based in New Zealand

We specialize in the design and construction management of Family Entertainment centers, Commercial aquariums, Luxury Resorts, Water Parks, Botanical Gardens, Discovery Centers, new attractions and many other architecture and design solutions.

An Intelligent Decision
At Aquamarine our mission is to deliver an exceptional integrated design service. We are creative and problem solvers by nature and serve our clients by listening to their concerns, understanding their goals, and sharing in their vision.
Turn-Key Approach
Our multidisciplinary turn-key approach ensures that our projects are developed and managed to the highest possible specification and in the shortest possible time frame.
Our Global Network
Key to our experience is the global network of associated consultants we employ. As the head consultant, we work with designers, architects, engineers, contractors, project managers and other specialty consultants to ensure that the client's vision and expectations are met and exceeded.
150 Projects in the last 20 years
20 Years of Experience
20 Countries

Our Projects

We love our work and do our best. Our creative team network across the world believing quality design can transform, inspire and improve people's lives. Nicholas Traviss, CEO

Our love for what we do transfers into our services

At Aquamarine we don't just design amazing new places, we provide a comprehensive range of inspired professional services. Our diverse team of professionals will help you find the best creative and innovative solutions while enhancing the lives of people and improving communities.

We have a depth of experience encompassing many other commercial and residential development solutions

An essential part of successful urban developments, entertainment centres and attractions, along with quality retail and food and beverage can really enhance lives and strengthen the connections between people and create community with a shared sense of being.

At Aquamarine we do it all, designing and delivering commercially effective urban entertainment centres and mixed-used complexes which create more harmonious, proud and prosperous communities. Over two generations, since 1972, our family company has delivered over 1100 projects.

We live in the Beautiful South Pacific, so we try to give all the visitors to the facilities we design a touch of this atmosphere.

From Concept to Construction and Operation

Combination of our global market knowledge with technical expertise allows us to understand the client‘s needs and business cases to produce cost-effective, sustainable and inspiring solutions.

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