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Aquamarine has a deep belief that the world is a good place

And we simply try to help people from all cultures across the world share the way that we see the world, and see its spectacular beauty. We warmly invite you to come on the journey with us. Explore. Discover. Experience.

Aquamarine will lead the way in the design of entertainment complexes and aquariums, enriching lives around the world. Through sustainable practices, constant innovation and a guarantee of quality we intend to exceed all expectations. We will engage talented people who are passionate, driven and seek challenges to improve upon.


Aquamarine defines the very nature of aquariums in the 21st century with the development of the ECOAQUARIUM™. ECOAQUARIUM™ s expand the concept of aquariums to incorporate a self supporting biosphere into the experience. This allows the visitor to experience the complete experience as the aquatic world is enhanced by living rainforests, beaches, and other coast-scapes.

Wild Aquatic

Wild Aquatic is our offering to the Commercial Aquariums and Educational institutions of the world, to assist in the understanding that the Wild habitats of the world are in critical danger and we must learn about them in order to better protect these invaluable environments.

We understand the importance of information and education for schools.

Mission Statement

To provide top quality professional design services to a mix of international clients.

Aquamarine is committed to high standards of service, staff development, innovation and reasonable profit. Client’s will select Aquamarine due to the reputation the company has as a truly integrated design company whose ability to collaborate extends beyond the office to encompass clients, the project team and the surrounding community. Aquamarine will add value through innovation and creativity, ensuring a comprehensive knowledge of the client’s goals, delivering services that exceed their expectations, schedules and cost objectives.

Sustainability Concept

With a deeply felt passion for the natural world and an ongoing commitment to ecological sustainability, Aquamarine is the world’s leading aquarium expert and this success is based on ground breaking green technologies devised by the company itself.

Aquamarine has now pioneered the invention of the ECOAQUARIUM, a total biosphere of life incorporating rain forests, beaches, or other landscapes, into the aquarium experience. This invention takes the Family Entertainment Centers and Aquariums into a more sustainable future.

Dedication to Environmental Sustainability

Aquamarine holds itself to the highest standards in fish management, waste treatment, energy efficiency, water conservation and architectural design. Where-ever possible, natural elements are used and natural biological systems are mimicked, as Aquamarine engineers constantly search out newer and greener technologies.

Green Features

  • Greywater, otherwise known as wastewater, is treated on-site in natural reed beds before being recycled. These beds make use of an aquatic plant from the genus Cryptocoryne which grows quickly to form a deep root mass converting waste into biomass. This can later be used as compost.
  • To reduce the environmental impact of building, recycled materials are used wherever possible and that even extends to the most fundamental aspect of the structure – the site. 50% of Aquamarine projects are built in existing sites such as old quarries, and old buildings.
  • Green features such as rainwater recycling, solar water heating, intelligent lighting controls, energy recovery systems, and environmentally gentle building materials reduce the energy needs of the aquarium.


  • Mammals, such as dolphins and orcas, are rare in Aquamarine aquariums. Their high intelligence, and the huge territories they cover, mean no aquarium space can adequately house them. Occasionally though, aquatic mammals will be requested and in this instance, they will sourced from one of the many aquariums around the world with inadequate facilities. They will never be taken from the wild.
  • From 100kg sharks to the tiniest, Aquamarine aquariums are home to over 500 species of fish and other sea creatures, with great care being taken in their selection. Experience has shown that endangered species are usually better left in the wild but occasionally, Aquamarine will work with scientists on breeding programs. And we have proposed special institutions with governments from around the world to assist in the study of endangered and threatened species.
  • No real coral is ever used in ornamental displays due to the worldwide decimation of reefs. Instead, Aquamarine employs a team of craftspeople to create beautiful, aquatic backdrops for the thousands of fish on display.
  • The welfare of the living creatures in Aquamarine aquariums is vital.
  • Aquamarine does not use endangered timbers in any of its projects.
  • Environmental Education through Entertainment is vital to the philosophy of Aquamarine which holds respect for the natural world as a first tenet of business.
Environmental Issues

Environmental issues are now at the top of the global, political agenda and cannot be ignored. Every company wanting long term, sustainable growth must incorporate Green values into their business. Failure to do this will mean incurring punitive energy costs when prices do eventually soar. Beyond the purely financial benefits of green technology, image matters, and companies that ignore environmental issues will appear outmoded and outdated, potentially opening themselves up to virulent criticism from a highly eco-conscious media and public. To appear “dirty” will be the death knell of any business in the 21 st century.

  • Sustainability has always been intrinsic to the Aquamarine business ethic.
  • Aquamarine’s philosophy of using simple, natural systems means fewer maintenance issues and an ongoing ease of use.
  • Not only is Aquamarine’s futuristic ECOAQUARIUM™ concept more exciting, experientially, for the visitor than the existing aquarium model, it also brings numerous benefits to the client ,as energy saving, green technologies mean a reduced capital requirement. A 50% reduction in operating and energy costs and superior energy management opportunities should be expected and typically, 70% less water is used.
  • These significant savings are achieved thanks to a “Whole-Building” philosophy which considers the interrelation of the site, energy needs, materials, air quality, acoustics and natural resources and it is this holistic building approach that reduces the amount of energy required to operate the bio-sphere when compared to conventional aquarium technology.
  • The “Whole Building” technology used in the construction of ECOAQUARIUM™s means that the entire space is more people friendly, for example, work areas are brightened by sunlight rather than electricity.

Where ever possible Aquamarine captures energy from renewable sources and will source specific expertise in solar energy, heat recovery, rainwater harvesting and detailed, in-house engineering design. Solar heating devices will be used and insulation will supercede required levels.

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