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Chiang Mai Zoo Aquarium

Chiang Mai, Thailand

Chiang Mai Zoo Aquarium

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7 250 area, m2
12 program/
30 Exhibits
2008 completion year

A privately operated aquarium with a large variety of animals and a Acrylic tunnel measuring 133 meters was opened to the public of Chiang Mai Zoo in October 2008.

The aquarium is a living museum that boast South East Asia’s largest and most spacious underwater pathway. The exhibits showcases various distinct environments that allows fresh water and salt water creatures to co-exist under one roof alongside representative territories from other significant ecosystems.

The inspiration for this concept comes from the great Mekong River

Mekong River is a major waterway that feeds and quenches the thirst of millions of people across the six neighboring countries.

Nicholas Traviss of Aquamarine was Subcontracted for Design Services to Marinescape Group for the design of this aquarium, we providing Design Services as follows; Creative Direction, Principle Designer, Architecture, Technical and concept Exhibit Design.

The total area for the Aquarium was 7,250m2 and has one of the largest Aquarium exhibits in Asia. The project took 22 months to complete.

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