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Conceptual Projects

These are some of our ideas that did not quite make it out there; we still love them; so have a look

Many concepts from Designers and Architects around the world don’t quite make it to the construction stages. But these designs are still great ideas, sometimes the reasons are due to not finding the right agent or investor, lack of information that the agents pass to clients and also shady business deals.

We have come across most of all of the scenarios in the business world from large multi national clients to one-man-band agents with a good idea.

Our concepts on this page have identified great ideas in different countries. We have done a lot of work from the initial feasibility, designs, technical designs and budgets.

Have a look through our Concept Library, if there is anything that you like please contact us.

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TAT Mall Aquarium

Tehran, Iran
Aquamarine was appointed for a Technical Design contract by Mr Ansari of TAT Group under the recommendation of NORR Consultants in Dubai.

Another architect did the Design that is shown here, and we were employed to oversee the technical aspects of the design. Most of the other Aquarium consultants saw this as a great contract but did not point out that the acrylic alone cost 60 Million USD.

We took the ethical approach and modified the design back to a realistic budget for Mr Ansari. The new design featured much more than the original singular tank:
1. Meandering Walkway through the Amazon Rainforest, Mekong River and into the Great Barrier reef and other exciting displays
2. “Green Walls” and  spectacular hanging displays like no other aquarium in the world
3. Educational experience for School Children and Universities
4. Local displays showcasing Iran’s Freshwater Rivers, Persian Gulf, Straits of Hormuz, Arabian Sea
5. Additional Activities such as; Dive with the Sharks Facility, glass-bottom boat, education facility with teaching laboratories and classrooms
6. Young Children’s fun learning centre
7. 10,000,000 Litres of Artificially Mixed and Filtered Saltwater

Due to sanctions against Iran, the aquarium did not become possible a few years ago. However, under the right circumstances now we might be able to revisit the Aquarium development.


The EcoAquarium is a concept that Aquamarine came up with many years ago but was never adopted by Marinescape. This was largely due to the fact that Marinescape and many other Aquarium Specialist Construction companies do not like changing the way they do things.

The concept is very interesting and can be utilized as part of any large Family Entertainment center, Aquarium or resort. The building features; Advance Ecoaquarium design with photovoltaic panels, recycling water plant, green roof system and natural MEP systems. As part of the US Green Building Council, Aquamarine has the ultimate desire to make all of its new developments sustainable in some way.

Eleven Times Square

New York, USA
This design was proposed some years ago and it is a very good concept for how an aquarium or Oceanarium fits into a high-rise building as an anchor attraction.

The concept derives around a multi-layered aquarium concept maximizing the space within the building for exhibitions rather than quarantine and back-of-house systems.
The aquarium houses a large multi-level walk-through rainforest with an aviary so to enhance the naturalistic exhibits. Also a penguin display where the penguin dart and dive around the visitors.

The aquarium has the following features; 200 foot long walk-through Sea tunnel on the basement floor within 108,000 cubic feet of deep sea , largest atrium walk-through rainforest in the world and the largest cylinder tube tank in the world; 60 feet high with 100,000 cubic feet of tropical reef.

The Lease was exceptionally high for the space as it is Times Square in New York), this main reason that the project did not go any further.

Vegas Mall Oceanarium

Moscow, Russia
The Team at Aquamarine was asked to come up with an alternative to the very highly priced concept that they were given by one of our competitors.

The space was designed very differently by Aquamarine so we pushed many boundaries in the design. We loved our concept and worked very hard on it, and also the client liked it too.

As of 2016 the aquarium project was on hold, so we hope that things change and we can offer a great new attraction to Moscow.

Cuyahoga river fires - an environmental memorial

Cleveland, Ohio, USA
The concept was designed for a second Stage development for The Greater Cleveland Aquarium, Cleveland, Ohio. This concept has been designed as a new internal retro fit-out for the Powerhouse building situated on the Cuyahoga River.

The concept was quite a controversial idea, and the City administration thought that it was highlighting the failures of the past. So the concept did not get given the approval it needed from the City.

However the concept was very interesting and featured internal gardens with coloured greenhouses.
Cleveland businesses became infamous for their pollution, a legacy of the city's booming manufacturing days during the late 1800s and the early 1900s, when limited government controls existed to protect the environment. Even following World War II, Cleveland businesses, especially steel mills, routinely polluted the river.

Stage two of the Greater Cleveland Aquarium development focuses solely on the Cuyahoga River and its watershed. The visitor to the exhibits will take a journey down the entire length of the Cuyahoga River represented in exhibits; here they can see it without pollution. The journey will take them through a series of Aquarium Tanks, which will house species that once inhabited and could still inhabit parts of river.

The building's design creates juxtaposition with the irregular 1900's Industrial Architecture of the Powerhouse and the modern minimalist environmental design of today. The Five glass 'firelight' cubic shapes represent the flames of the many fires that have ignited Cuyahoga River in its modern history. Inside each cubic form is a planted tree native to the riverbanks of the Cuyahoga River. The trees and other planted foliage beside the aquarium tanks create a natural environment for the visitor to become part of and reflect on the natural beauty of the once heavily polluted river.

The roof for the concept is a grassed park for family picnics and an open green space. This grass roof also will filter rainwater to be used in the aquarium operations by means of Aquaponics.

Aquamarine’s concept proposed to bring to light the environmental impact that pollution and industrial exploitation creates. This was to be one of the World's First memorials to the environment. Through education and the entertainment created in the aquarium extension, we present a platform for the natural beauty of the Cuyahoga River.

Xiamen Underwater World

Stratco Group in China contacted Marinescape for a Fit-out of their old aquarium that had not been renovated since Marinescape built it over 15 years ago.
Aquamarine’s team came up with a new, fresh interior design layout for the Clients.
The proposal was for a Two Stage approach, we proposed new and renovated systems with main renovations such as;
  • Temporary quarantine facility proposal
  • Propose Zero-Waste program recycling and waste water reusing
  • Education program and research school education standards
  • Educational LCD screen and signage for tanks and overall facility
  • Website with links to other facilities owned by group
  • New and enlarged ticketing and entrance-way
  • Reverse the way visitors enter and exit the aquarium to enhance the visitors experience and improve the natural flow of the aquarium.
We can do any renovations for outdated and aged attractions, we attend IAAPA and we have some great ideas.

Malacca experimental design

Malacca, Malaysia
This is an experimental design that was for a site outside of Malacca in Malaysia.

The design is interesting and if fully developed the architecture can be an attraction in its own right. Download the Brochure for more information.

Sea-based Aquarium

In 2014 Aquamarine spent some time in Muscat looking for sites to build a sea-based aquarium and we came up with four options.

Each of the designs explored different options in different locations.

This aquarium combines the Sea-Tube with a land based walkway and an entrance building to strengthen the relationship between the land and sea harmoniously. The design has over 100 meters of Sea-Tube making it the longest underwater walkway in the world.
This development uses a shore-side building as entrance point to the Underwater Journey. The underwater tunnel starts at in the basement of this building. There are two large exhibits before the Tunnel to the remote ‘Island’; this sea based building has restaurants and additional exhibits.

This design is perfect for a rocky shoreline with minimal access. The site in Muscat that this design will be optimal is in front of the Al Bustan Marine Research Institute.

This design is also ideal for a very small site and low visitation. This building can be placed in any location with a small parking area and can be built in 11 to 12 months.

If you like any of these options for your site, please contact us.

Aquarium in Phuket

Phuket, Thailand
Aquamarine did a Concept for an Aquarium in Phuket, Thailand in 2015 as a joint proposal from Marinescape and Aquamarine to Aquablu.

Aquablu is the development wing of Aquaria at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The proposal was presented to Aquablu and Marinescape is managing the Specialist Construction contract negotiations.

The Principle Parameters for this design are:
  1. Total Number of Displays 34
  2. Number of Tanks 28 containing all together a total of 4100 Liters of water
  3. Number of life support systems 27 plus gravity filter system for main tank
  4. Total Weight of Acrylic Viewing windows 60,000 kg
  5. Construction period 17 months
  6. Area of tenanted space 5689m2

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