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Aquamarine was appointed by EMAAR Mall Management in Dubai in 2013 for a three year management contract to improve the attendance and profitability of the Dubai Aquarium and Underwater Zoo.

Aquamarine was appointed to Implement a revised marketing plan to ensure that potential visitors and the World at large are aware of Dubai Mall Aquarium, instil a desire to make them determined to come to Dubai and make Dubai Mall and the Aquarium a "must-see" when they do visit Dubai.

Aquamarine integrated this plan with existing marketing of the Dubai mall Aquarium, Dubai Mall and Dubai Tourism Vision 2020.

The contract resulted in Increased visitation and additional profit for the aquarium. The following are the key tasks for the contract:

  • Upgrade the experience by implementing a change of culture of Aquarium Staff and adding new and technically superior and innovative exhibits. Conduct a technical Audit of all Mechanical systems and upgrade as needed. Investigate current World Wide Practices and trends in the Aquarium Industry and ensure that the Dubai Mall Aquarium is at the forefront.
  • Rationalize and enhance the existing space and make changes to maximize the available area to the Aquarium.
  • Upgrade the Educational and Research Facilities and Outreach Programmes so as to assume the senior role in the World order of Aquarium Scientific Contribution.
  • Assume a role as the World Leader in Aquariums in delivering a message on protection of the Environment. Add displays demonstrating destructive fishing practices.
  • Review current inventory of fish and adjust so that the Dubai Mall Aquarium can lay claim to the Worlds Best in terms of Fish Species and Numbers.
  • Actively engage in the Worlds Aquarium Fraternity and instigate swap programmes and generally raise the profile of the Dubai Mall Aquarium in the eyes of the Aquarium Fraternity.

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