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Floating Reef Aquarium

Tahiti, French Polynesia

We propose is a purpose built floating semi submersible steel structure 40 m long by 24 m wide with a live sea food restaurant on top and 3 m diameter acrylic viewing tubes 50 m long suspended beneath this structure to give the visitors a clear uninterrupted view of the sea life below the restaurant.

The pontoon will contain a spectacularly themed exhibition hall containing over 15 separate display areas containing over 40 separate viewing tanks.

We propose a dedicated children's interactive area and special displays encouraging environmental awareness. Particular emphasis would be on such pressing global issues as decline in fish stocks, ocean pollution, drift net fishing, Tuna long lining, Sea Bird netting and the destruction of our seas that is now occurring with almost no control.

An appropriate themed coffee shop, souvenir shop and rentable venue space will also be incorporated. The venue space will be available at discounted rates as a forum for groups helping preserve French Polynesian coastal waters and sea life.

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