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Galaktica Aquarium

Kogalym, Russia

Aquarium in Western Syberia

construction period



An Entertainment Complex in Western Siberia

With Aquarium, Aquapark and Botanical Garden

Lots of other attractions (see more)

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29 tanks
61 m tunnel
3 950 m2
3,500,000 litres
total volume

The aquarium is part of a development for Galactica Family Entertainment Center for Lukoil in Siberia, Russia.

Aquamarine provided all Design and development Services, Main building Construction details, Specialist Construction design, Creative Direction, Architecture, Technical, Interior Design and all Visual Communications. Aqualogo was the Aquarium Specialist Works contractor under the Main Contractor Erel Gazstroy and both were under supervision from Aquamarine.

Our Open Ocean tank takes our visitors through the longest acrylic tunnel in Eastern Europe! The tank is Themed in an Avant-guard natural reef and is crafted with artificial rocks and corals.

The water depth is approximately 3.2m and collectively contains 4 million litres of artificial seawater.

The visitors can take a journey through the Russian Rivers and discover a Wild River, which will take them into a River Log Drive. The Russian journey is through the European and Asian Rivers that gives the viewers a complete immersion experience.

We have a large Rainforest Exhibit with many strange and wonderful species, Come and see our Rainforest species from the Piranhas to the giant Arapaima’s.

Our Tropical touch pools are themed like the Sea caves in Fiji's Yasawa Islands. This area of gentle coast where The Beach is washed daily by the tide harbours an abundance of sea life. Within this eco-system creatures develop unique characteristics to suit this varied environment.

Completed in September 2016 this aquarium is a benchmark for the Russian Aquarium industry.

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