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Galaktica Hotel and
Conference Facility

Kogalym, Russia

13 500 m2/Total
Floor Area
5 000 m2/ Accommodation
5 000 m2/Large Format

The Galactica Project in Kogalym originally had a 60 Room Hotel as part of the Original proposal.

It was generally decided that the operations should be monitored for attendance to review at a later stage if the hotel is required.

The images in this page are what is proposed for the second stage in a hotel, conference facilities and Large format Retail premises.

The Hotel Design has the following features:

  • Reception Area with Garden
  • Covered Entrance
  • Conference Rooms
  • Additional Mall Management Rooms
  • Members only VIP Bar
  • 2x Restaurants and Cafe
  • Gift Shop

The Total Floor Areas for each of the proposals are as follows:

  • Accommodation Floors = 4,952 m2
  • Hotel Reception and Conference Hall = 3,730 m2
  • Large Format Retail = 5,011 m2
  • Total Floor Area = 13,693 m2

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