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Kogalym, Russia

Family Entertainment Center extension

construction period



Extending existing mall without interrupsion of operations

Providing new areas for the new large-format retailers

Keeping current architecture and following major retailers' requirements

18 000 new area, m2
7 new large retailers
5 foodcourt tenants

Galactika Family Entertainment Center was completed in September 2016. The clients for this initial development are Lukoil based in Kogalym, and are one of the Largest Oil Producers in Russia.

After opening for a couple of years it was clear that the results exceeded expectations and new area for national retailers was urgently required.
The new area that has been designed includes: retail space, area for city events and functions, food court area and in addition the extension of the gym and new offices will be added.

Kogalym in the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug, Russia; is a township and community created by the Lukoil Oil Industry. Kogalym would not exist without the oil fields of the Northern Siberian Plateau. This complex is the main entertainment facility in the city, attracting visitors not only from Kogalym itself but from other surrounding cities, most of them are 2-3 hours away.


We are adding the following items

  • Total new area = 18,000m2
  • Retail area = 10,000m2
  • New wider corridors that would allow to conduct events and presentations.
  • Modern food court with national chains
  • Modern offices for Galaktika staff
  • Extension of X-Fit Gym area with new training halls for kids and adults

Special care was taken to preserve beautiful green walls that are contributing to the special atmosphere in this northern city.

Aquamarine Projects was awarded a Design and Design Supervision contracts to create a design and to control and audit the work of the Technical designer. This was enabled so that the initial vision of the Principle could be completed according to the design completed by Nicholas Traviss.

Construction will start shortly.

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