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Galaktika Park

Kogalym, Russia



Kogalym, Russia


25 hectars

Main attractions

Stage, square, roundabout, playground, outdoor gym

Completion Date


This proposed Park Landscaping development is designed to link the main entertainment and shopping facilities of Kogalym - Tennis center, "Galaktika" entertainment center, Sports center; hotel and church are also located in this area.

The clients for this initial development are Lukoil based in Kogalym and are one of the Largest Oil Producers in Russia.

The proposed Park will be the main outdoor social area for the citizens of Kogalym.

In the park you can conduct many different events all year round. Like the outdoor sports ground, walking paths can be used for various activities: for walking, ice skating and skiing in deep snow. There is a slide for sledges. The park has treadmills along which you can run both long and short distances; Playgrounds for all ages are planned.

There is a playground where you can make barbecue and chat; a central amphitheater where you can organize an open-air cinema, show theater performances and hold other events.

A pedestrian walkway is an all-weather elevated walkway with raised flower beds that protect plants from freezing the ground.

The park will be very open and accessible, with several entrances, designed with openness and good visibility in all directions

Lighting for footpaths will work in all weather conditions, and special festive lighting for the park is planned to be included on special occasions. The amphitheater can accommodate a 20-meter Christmas tree. The park will celebrate traditional state and regional holidays, coordinated by the Galaxy and other sports and entertainment facilities.

Siberian plants from all over the Siberian Plateau will be presented here, different types of trees and plants will be placed in different gardens.

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