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Itaipu Binacional

Itaipu, Paraguay

Itaipu Binacional Aquarium

Journey to the great fresh water bodies of the planet.
Proposed Completion Date


2019 proposed
7 500 area, m2
48 exhibits
16 program/

At Itaipu Binacional Aquarium visitors will be swept away on a journey to the great fresh water bodies of the planet. They will have the opportunity to discover the wonders of each majestic river and the species that live within them.

In designing this unique building we looked to nature as a source of inspiration. The building’s design is inspired by water and the potential of life it holds. The building consists of two main elements: the outer ring and the central atrium. Together these two elements resemble a drop of water resting on a leaf.

This organic approach inspires a fresh contemporary design that will allow natural light to penetrate the interior and create a natural atmosphere.

Just as water rests on a leaf so does the atrium rest upon the outer structure. This structure resembles the circle of life and how the journey of fresh water is a repeating process on which all life depends.

This proposed complex comprises of a botanical garden, aquarium, retail shops, conference facility, art galleries, reptile and butterfly displays. The basement structure lays 6.0m below the ground surface with a reflection pool around the surrounding upper floor building. The atrium construction uses an ETFE membrane, better known as “Greenhouse Film” over a Toroidal Dome with Tubular truss frames.

We are in partnership with Aqua Entertainment and Culture the Director is Alberto Baek. This project is seeking investors, for more information contact us for a prospectus.

Aquamarine is providing all Design and development Services, Main building Construction, Specialist Construction, Creative Direction, Principle Designer, Architecture, Technical, Interior Design, Exhibit Design and all Visual Communications; an effective Turnkey development solution.

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