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Lilly Family
Entertainment Centre


A central aquarium and aquatic activities surrounded by retail and entertainment facilities.

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40 000 area, m2
32 retail units
25 entertainment

The Entertainment Center will be an exciting destination for the entire family. The facility will feature a well-balanced mix of anchor tenants, unique retail outlets, café’s, restaurants and family entertainment activities in addition to its main attraction, the Discovery Center with Aquariums.

The design for this facility is inspired by the Giant Amazonian lily pad and its flower. The circular shape and outer verticals of the building resemble the strong circular shape of the water lily leaf, while the faceted roof structure echoes the shape of the flower. The aquarium will be located in the center of the building with a translucent roof structure allowing natural light to penetrate the interior.

The Size for the Facility is between 34,800m2 and 40,000 m2 based on the requirements of the Large Format Retail and Large format entertainment options.

The advance ideal of this design concept is to bring Entertainment Centers directly in Production Hubs of the World. Aquamarine proposes that we can create happy workers and as a result; better production; chance to obtain more skilled workers, decreasing work-related mental health issues, more productive Companies and possibly improving profits.

The facility is made up of a central aquarium and aquatic activities surrounded by retail and entertainment facilities, which includes the following:

Ice Skating, Bowling, Food halls, Medical and Health Facilities, Art Galleries and regional restaurants/Food Halls, upper level VIP facilities including Luxury retails and Banquet rooms, Libraries with reading rooms, Cafes, Internal Gardens that filter the Air inside, Discovery Centers and Early Learning Centers, Rainforest Treetop walkways, Inside Adventure park, Climbing Walls, Gymnasium, Indoor (air-conditioned) Walking Tracks, Food Hall, Movies Theaters, Gaming Rooms, Billiard Hall, Simulated Sky-diving, Large Aquariums, Meditation spaces and exercise areas.

We have proposed this model in South America, China, Russia and India. Investment for concepts; this project is seeking investors, for more information contact us for a prospectus.

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