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Lima Aquarium

Lima, Peru

2020 completion
45 exhibits
28 500 area, m2
24 program/

This is a purposed designed Large public Aquarium Facility and the first large Aquarium in Peru.

The inspiration for the building design is based on the Sacred Valley of the Incas or the Urubamba Valley is a valley in the Andes of Peru. We can see this in the dominant circular shapes of the buildings. Upon arrival, visitors will begin a journey through several specially selected discovery zones, salt and fresh water habitats. Tanks containing live fish and other aquatic animal life will be set into suitably themed exhibits chosen because they are particularly interesting, exciting or relevant to the selected environment.

In addition to informative displays, there will be interactive exhibits and devices providing further images and information on the particular topics covered. The visitor experience will be enhanced by guides who will talk to the visitors on their trip around the facility. They will answer any questions and give information on any particular fish, animal or topic the visitor may be interested in. This can help to keep people moving through the aquarium in busy periods and assist with orienting visitors.

The whole facility will be arranged to provide the element of surprise and a sense of discovery from beginning to end. This facility is Based in South America and uses a striking archealogical ruin as a direct reference for the Architecture.

The main body of the aquarium stands proud from the Water feature, which can be used by visitors as a swimming lagoon and watershow. The Facility also has a small Beach Mall.

We are in partnership with Aqua Entertainment and Culture the Director is Alberto Baek.

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