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Malta National Aquarium


Designed to educate, entertain and tell a story about the marine world

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Facility includes

public aquarium, public landscaped belvedere at promenade level, multistoried car park, facilities for local dive schools, catering facilities – approximately 20,000 square meters in total.

2 500 area, m2
480 m2
33 m2
2012 completed
16 program/

The work on Malta National Aquarium was a team effort with many different parties and this led to a beautiful monument to the seas around this very historical Island.

The project was funded by the European Regional Development Fund and our services included the Aquarium specialist design and design co-ordination between the locals and the specialists.

The team effort consisted of Mike Murphy from New Zealand, Mark Pace one of the Leading Designers in Malta and the team from Marinescape. Elbros was the client and completed the aquarium with stunning effect.

The interior decoration was by Nautilus Theming.

The pictures are credited to Malta national Aquarium.

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