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Mysore aquarium

Mysore, India

Royal Mysore Aquarium

Sri Srikantadatta Narasimharaja Wodeyar Oceanarium
Completion Date


2018 completion
4 500 area, m2
20 exhibits
16 program/

The Site is located at the North Side of the Mysore Zoo on Lokaranjan Mahal Road by Karanji Kere Lake on 4 acres of land adjacent to the Mysore Zoo on land leased from the Palace Trustees.

The Central Exhibition area is landscaped as a tropical garden and contains a series of ramps that allow visitor access to the three main tanks, themed displays, the retail facility and the education room.

Visitors enter the experience through a simple ticketing kiosk that also houses an information desk and security monitoring room. Access to the attraction is via a bridge over one of the main tanks. From here, visitors are afforded spectacular views down into the water and across the central exhibition area.

A ramp continues down through the tropical garden surroundings with trees, foliage and waterfalls. Small tank displays are interspersed along the walk, which include a live coral tank and other tanks developed for unique species.

At the coastal touch pool visitors are encouraged to touch live marine life that inhabit the rocky shore. The gentle descent finishes at what appears to be a cave but is actually the entrance to the underwater tunnel. From here visitors embark on their journey beneath the sea that takes them through three distinct zones.

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