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Planet Neptun Aquarium

St Petersburg, Russia

Planet Neptun Aquarium

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2006 completion
48 exhibits
4 500 m2
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Opened in 2006 it is the first Oceanarium in Russia, this collection of exotic and tropical fish and other marine creatures is part of a shopping centre in the centre of St. Petersburg, close to Vitebsky Station. There are 48 aquariums in the display, containing nearly 150 species of fish, sea mammals, and other sea creatures.

Since 2006, 3.5 million people have attended the exhibition. Among these there are native Petersburgers as well as the guests of the city, many of which coming from far far away.

Saint-Petersburg Public Aquarium is a unique attraction centre for Russia and it is a gem of the whole “Planeta Neptun” complex. The idea of creating the Public Aquarium belongs to Rubin CJSC and it was implemented by the Finnish architect Hannu Laitila and the Specialist works with Interior Design was carried out by Marinescape. Nicholas Traviss, the founder of Aquamarine, was one of the Design consultants working on the Aquarium Interior design and technical elements.

The aquarium has an excellent rating in Trip Advisor.

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