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Port Huron Discovery

Port Huron, Michigan

Port Huron Aquarium and Discovery Center

Proposed Completion Date


2020 proposed
7 500 area, m2
40 exhibits
16 program/

This project was part of a larger scheme to redevelop the border town of Port Huron in upper Michigan. The aquarium designed initially was too large, however with negotiations and some 6 different schemes we ended up with the current proposal.

In 2010 the city approved funding to study the feasibility of opening an aquarium and approved buying property that could be used for the project.

This project has been developed to the point where land and investment is needed to bring the project to realization. Please contact us to discuss this exciting opportunity; the development design can be used in other regions and countries.

This design was also repurposed for a Project in Somerset, Kentucky, USA.

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