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Son Tra Aquarium


Aquarium inspired by nature

Proposed Completion


2018 completion
7 500 area, m2
48 exhibits
16 program/

In designing this unique building we looked to nature as a source of inspiration. The building’s design is inspired by water and the potential of life it holds. The building consists of two main elements: the outer ring and the central atrium. Together these two elements resemble a drop of water resting on a leaf.

This structure resembles the circle of life and how the journey of fresh water is a repeating process on which all life depends.

The Visitor arrives to the Site by either; Bus, Car, motorcycle or Walking. Due to the length of the walk into the building there can be a covered canvas area from the bus or VIP enters. The visitor will enter as if they are descending into the water/sea under the building. The visitor is then presented with the main entrance and ticketing area. To the right of this area is a large group assembly hall.

The visitor will then be greeted by a large Tropical reef inside a six meter high tube tank. At this level the visitor will proceed up to the upper dome botanical garden with snakes, spiders and other insects. The unique design has the main tank as an entire touch pool with sharks, stingrays and other fish. No other aquarium in the world features anything similar to this design.

The next outer ring has the fresh water displays with Piranhas, arawanas, silver dollar fish and other species in small tank displays. The life support filtration uses Aquaponics to naturally filter the water inside the entire system of tanks. No other commercial aquarium in the world uses such a system.

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