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Turkuazoo Aquarium

Istanbul, Turkey

SeaLife Istanbul Aquarium

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2009 Completed
32 exhibits
8 250 area, m2
15 program/

The aquarium at Forum Istanbul at Bayrampasa spreads over 8,250 m2 of a two-storey underground space. Since opening on 24 November 2009 it has become one of Istanbul’s main attractions, earning Superbrand status from the Superbrands Council of Turkey in 2012 and being awarded a Certificate of Excellence by Tripadvisor in 2013.

Its more than 10,000 fish of 1,000 different species within 40 exhibits takes you through different sea environments, ranging from the Deep Mediterranean and Docks and Piers to The Great Barrier and Dangerous Sea Creatures.

The highlight of Turkuazoo is an 80 meter long conveyor belt that will take you through the longest underwater tunnel in Europe with a 270 degree view of the aquarium that hosts some of the most marvellous and terrorizing sea creatures, like massive tiger sharks, nurse sharks, guitar sharks, zebra sharks, white tip and black tip sharks, and giant stingrays.

In the first 5 months Turkuazoo has been open, 500,000 people visited it, the Aquarium now has been sold to Merlin Entertainment Group and it is the World's 5th Largest Aquarium Sea Life at Forum Mall Bayrampasa in Istanbul.

Merlin Entertainments have reported that there have been 60 million people since the aquarium has opened in 2009.

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