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Wonson Aquarium

DPR Korea

First Aquarium in DPR Korea

Completion Date


2010 completed
3 500 area, m2
8 exhibits
6 program/

Completed in 2010 and over 3,500m2, Sindok Aquarium was the first aquarium to be designed and constructed in The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

Even though the country has been isolated we worked with the local government to realise the project to completion.

The project had many difficulties initially with approvals and trade restraints, yet Marinescape with the DPRK proved that any project can be a realisation. The aquarium is only a small scale aquarium by international standards however, it is very well finished and admired by many.

Marinescape workers had a mix of nations working on the project; Chinese, British, New Zealand, Singapore and Australian. Since the completion of the aquarium a larger National Aquarium is under construction in Pyongyang.

Nicholas Traviss of Aquamarine was Subcontracted for Design Services to Marinescape Group for the completion of this aquarium, we providing Design Services as follows; Creative Direction, Principle Designer, Architecture, Technical, Interior Design, Exhibit Design and all Visual Communications.

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