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Concept creation

You don't always start a development with a pretty picture.

Master Planning and Budget

In some large-scale projects that have multiple Entertainment offerings, it is imperative to have a Master plan. With a developed Master plan Aquamarine with the client have well defined targets for the development.

In developments of Family Entertainment Centers, a master plan and the feasibility are the most important documents that define the objectives for the project. Luxury Retail, Large Format Retail and Entertainment options need to work seamlessly and have to be positioned carefully with any new development. This initial stage brings in all of the potential tenants and entertainments to identify the feasibility parameters, so many changes are made and we can adapt to any design scenario.

Feasibility Study

Due to investment feasibility, government approvals, investor group relationship, bank approvals, change in government office; there are many different objectives to have to be considered and overcome before a project can be fully realized.

Any financial institution, public or private funding sources need to have a sustainable business model. So we base our Budgets and projections on the visitor numbers, local population, transient population, infrastructure requirements, repeat visitation habits and a multitude of other elements.

A basic Feasibility study does not take long, however it is critical to the successful business model for any large development.

The average time for a development to be realized can be 2 to 4 years including the construction period. The projects need to consider planning approvals, designs, feasibilities and financial approvals.

This is why we offer a low cost for the initial stage to undertake the initial feasibilities, due to the fact that this is an investment for Aquamarine and the agents offering the project.

Concept Realization and Visualization

'A Picture says a thousand words'. In our case a professional Visual presentation makes or breaks investment into any project. We have digital artists that can take our Imagineering and turn our dreams into reality, so that our clients can get a better expectation of what we can deliver.

You only have one chance to make a first impression, so a successful presentation is a vital requirement.

Take a look at our presentation in 2012 for Galactica Family Entertainment Center.

Concept Design

Our initial Concept design can be developed in a advanced model with ease as we use powerful BIM programs including Autodesk Revit, AutoCAD and cost control software.

Architecture, Site Location, theme, Positioning, accessibility, visitor traffic flow, visitor health, exhibitions, retail positioning, gallery spaces, Mechanical, Electrical, Plumbing, operational requirements, back of house facilities and many more aspects are all well thought out in all of our developments.

With each and every development we design with LEED sustainability in mind and we are a member of the US Green Building Council and American Institute of Architects.

Design Supervision

Our Design supervision on all projects is critical for the success of the project, due to bad craftsmanship by the main contractor and many other factors that any large project can suffer. As we have designed these projects from the beginning, we need to see it through to the very end when the public views the development. This is really very important, as most contractors will do the bare minimum and leave when the doors open. Our Design supervision ensures that the developments are completed to our high expectations.

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