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Operations and
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Operations and General Management Services

A good Operations and Management plan is a key component to the success of any entertainment development. We create the Operations and Management manuals for each of the complexes we embark on. We also can provide the training for staff members for each facility and we handpick a General Manager for the facility so that the best person for the job can achieve the targets set by the development.

Our manuals consist of detailed descriptions of Operations, Complex Management, Maintenance , Security , Leasing Administration , Marketing and Promotion Activities.

Aquamarine will constantly and vigorously improve the profitability of the business, ensure the safety and integrity of the facility and ensure that the development remains technical superior so that it reduces levels of Risk.

To ensure the safety and integrity of the facility means to ensure that such procedures are in place to avert any failures in any of the operating systems caused by mechanical, people or natural intervention.

Aquamarine ensures that we provide regular updating, reporting feedback and exit surveys and international intelligence gathering to ensure that any facility achieves the optimal profitability for any entertainment attraction.

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