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Technical design

Developed Design and Technical Design

Many of the other Public aquarium designers would let you believe that designing an aquarium is extremely technical and 'Black-box' the design and technical design. This is not so.

If you are a large Mall developer and need an Aquarium as an anchor attraction, or Mall design, or entertainment complex; we will work with your Project Managers, Financial Officers, Architects, Civil and MEP Engineers to help them understand the What, How, why, when and where of any development in particular Commercial Built-for-profit Aquariums.

We will work with your staff in their offices to help them understand the technicalities to designing and constructing a large commercial aquarium.

We will take all of the mystery out of Aquarium Technical design.

When designing a Large Family Entertainment Center we have the advantage as we can design all of the Technical systems for the Anchor Entertainment attractions, thus creating a very cost effective entertainment development.

We can also work with Architects on an early tender stage for competitions, so that they have a technical advantage that can win the tender.

If you have an old facility requiring an upgrade and or a new idea, we offer Facility Renovation taking an old development that has become redundant or can't compete with new attractions and create the best possible outcome, breathing new life into an old friend.

Aquarium and Exhibition Design

Our services include the complete turn key design in two stages, the first stage we present to the client for their approval and includes:

  • Aquarium exhibit designs - Including marine biological selection, tank design, temperature requirements, cost estimates, all Front of House Designs, Process and Information Diagrams, Technical Specifications and Engineering Concept design Report.

The second stage proceeds after the initial approval, this is the bulk of the work and includes:

  • Detailed aquarium and equipment design - Including marine biological selection, tank design, temperature requirements, lighting design; Cost estimates; Detailed electrical and mechanical equipment, technical design and construction requirements specification; detailed operational area, laboratory, veterinary area, pathology area and equipment design, design drawings, technical specifications, bill of materials, 3D effects, turnkey construction and interior decoration requirements, ticket office layout, security and electrical systems and detailed biological support systems and equipment design (including local design and approval costs);

We can also offer services to do the Detailed design for the aquarium and assist in managing the Tender for the construction.

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